A Love Letter to The Past

“Hey there! It’s been a while. How ya been??? I thought I’d take a couple minutes to sit down and reconnect with you for a little while. I don’t remember the last time we did this, but I felt like today was appropriate for a letter. You know, I talk about you sometimes. At church. […]

Journeys In The Desert | A Poem

  Into this dry and sun-scorched land, To which You led me—by the hand. The sun has shone with all her might, No water here, and cold at night.   I feel afraid, alone I’ll be, I thought You said You cared for me? But here I am with blistered hands, I’ve lost my hope […]

Dust Storms of Grief

How can such a dry and ugly place be, perhaps, the most beautiful place to hear the Lord?  How can such a barren wilderness be the empty canvas where truth and life and hope can be painted?  I sometimes find it strange the things God uses to capture my attention. Glancing back over the last […]

The In-Between Spaces

224 days ago I moved to New Mexico. From time to time, people still ask me, “Why did you move here in the first place? There’s nothing here.” If I’m being honest, it’s still a difficult question for me to answer sometimes. But, each time I stop and think about it…the Lord reminds me that […]

You Are Not Alone

The night before was dark. Very dark. Just me sitting there in that lonely living room, listening to the screams of regret echo through my mind. Years of doing ministry and telling people they could be victors in Jesus’ name, and there I sat…all alone. Most of us—at some point along life’s journey—come to a […]

Am I Safe To Tell You My Story?

Every person on this planet deals with struggles and has a story. We’ve all experienced so many things that make us who we are—and, some of those things are not necessarily something we’re proud of. Let’s be real.  We’ve all been hurt by loved ones.  We’ve experienced heartbreak and loss.  We’ve been abandoned and shut […]

Hurricanes, Blue Jeans, & Black Widow Spiders

I remember seeing the Spider-Man curtains still barely hanging from the window in his little room.  Black mold had already started taken over the tiny apartment, and the piled debris in the yard was worse than I had imagined it would be. All of it was more than my heart could handle. When I opened […]

Friendship | The Real Kind

Before I was out of high school, my family and I had already moved 16 times. Say what?!?!? Born in Illinois.  Raised in Alabama.  Worked alongside my parents in ministry in Florida.  Started High School in Ohio.  Went to college in Texas.  And now, here I am living in the deserts of New Mexico.  Not […]

A Prayer For The Unworthy

Already 7 days into the New Year—gosh, where is time going?? I took some time over the last week to truly think and reminisce over 2017 and to consider this new season—new year.  It was not an easy year.  Perhaps one of the most difficult.  In fact, just several months before moving to New Mexico, […]

Spiritual Warfare Part I | When Death Visited Me

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been able to see things in the spirit realm that were both angelic and demonic—things invisible to others. Some know a few of my stories, but most know very little about all of my experiences.  I don’t take these visitations lightly. I am not a superstitious […]